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Photo made and donated by Samuel Nothstine
Photo made and donated by Samuel Nothstine


2019 Outreach Events & Presentations

3/18  Two BOD members did training for TOTEM Conference (for ASD SPED TAs)
  • Topic: Powerpoint presentation, Moment to Moment movie & self-advocate panel followed
  • ~80 attendees (40 in AM, same in PM)
4/1 - 4/16  Two BOD members were part of Rotary International Vocational Training Team (VTT) from Alaska that traveled to Perth, Kalgoorlie, & Leonora Western Australia providing multiple trainings at each location to educators, police, Rotary Clubs, community groups, etc.
  • ~600 people trained including entire school staff in Leonora, 100 police in Perth
5/4 Booth at Walk & Roll for Hope Parkstrip event
  • ~20 attendees stopped by booth
5/5 Two BOD members presented at Rotary International District 5010 conference in Anchorage
  • Alaska VTT members presented re: travels & work in Western Australia in April
  • ~100 attendees
5/8 Two BOD members presented at 44th Annual School on Addictions and Behavioral Health conference
  • Topic: “Noncompliant or FASD?”
  • ~50 attendees
5/13 Two BOD members did Young Lives staff training
  • General information about FASD in teens/adults & as child develops
  • ~12 attendees
6/7 One BOD member did co-presentation for local Rotary International group w Tami Eller (follow up of Australia)
  • FASD general info
  • ~30 attendees
8/14 - 8/16 One BOD member attended CDC FASD prevention (Collaborative for an Alcohol Free Pregnancy) grantee meeting in Atlanta
  • Networking & update skills re: messaging, etc.
  • ~40 attendees
9/5 Several BOD members involved with Moment to Moment movie event-Anchorage Museum
  • Movie + panel after
  • ~ 15 attendees
9/7 Health U event at the Dome
  • Booth in parking lot behind Dome
  • Poor attendance at booth due to rain, most folks stayed inside Dome
9/9 One BOD member attended & Center co-sponsored Moment to Moment movie event in Juneau
  • One BOD attended from Center, panel
  • ~15 attendees
9/10 One BOD member provided Tuesday Talks at Alaska Nurses Association office presentation
  • ~15 attendees in person & online
9/23 - 9/26 One BOD representative attended NOFAS Summit 2019 in Wash DC
  • 17 attendees from various affiliates around US
  • Gala event; our BOD member rep gave Senator Lisa Murkowski her award for her co-sponsorship of new legislation Advancing FASD Research, Prevention, and Services Act, S. 2879
10/11 One BOD member presented at Alaska Nurses Association Trending Topics in Nursing conference at BP Center, Anchorage
  • ~ 60 attendees
10/17 - 10/19 Three BOD members & student volunteer staffed Booth at AFN meeting in Fairbanks
  • ~100 folks stopped by to talk to us, MANY good contacts & variations on understanding of FASD (3 BOD members & MSW student staffed booth)
10/19 Moment to Moment movie & circle conversation Raven’s Landing Fairbanks
  • ~6 attendees + panel folks = 10